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  • 43 Bay Capital, LLC is a data driven real estate and tax lien holding company. 43 Bay focuses on single family and multi-family properties between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.
  • Our team has collectively managed, structured and acquired over $200 million in real estate transaction

43 Bay's Professional Platform


  • We apply data models for value acquisitions. 
  • We manage pools of capital that invest in single family and multi-family properties.
  • Our infrastructure is Internally managed for acquisitions, repairs, and management.

Discover what makes 43 Bay Capital Different


  • We are known for value investing with an ability to anticipate likely risks and opportunities.
  • We are data driven allowing us to meet individual portfolio needs.
  • Our technology helps reduce overall costs with a focus on transparency.
  • Our tax lien strategy offers tremendous value with our legal teams.

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If you are an institutional investor or owner of a portfolio of real property, and interested in working with professionals who want to create a long-term partnership, contact 43 Bay Capital today.

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