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Expertise in Real Estate


  • 43 Bay Capital, LLC is a data driven real estate and tax lien holding company. 43 Bay focuses on single family, multi family, and warehouse properties between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.
  • Our team has collectively managed, structured and acquired over $200 million in real estate transactions.

43 Bay's Professional Platform


  • We apply data models for value acquisitions. 
  • We manage pools of capital that invest in single family, multi family, and warehouse properties.
  • Our infrastructure is Internally managed for acquisitions, repairs, and management.

Discover what makes 43 Bay Capital Different


  • We are known for value investing with an ability to anticipate likely risks and opportunities.
  • We are data driven allowing us to meet individual portfolio needs.
  • Our technology helps reduce overall costs with a focus on transparency.
  • Our tax lien strategy offers tremendous value with our legal teams.

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Prospect Funds, LLC


"43 Bay's platform is transparent and professional. They work with us as a team and we look forward to enhancing our partnerships."

1603 Benchmark, LLC


"We will be increasing our investments with 43 Bay and look forward to diversifying our portfolios in the Mid Atlantic region. The niche model is value driven and forced me to look at acquisitions differently."

Darwish Group


"43 Bay's inclusive infrastructure and data focus acquisition style add immense value to our organization."

A. Cisneros


"I've known the management team for over 8-years and trust them implicitly. This is a long-term relationship for me."

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