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Strategy Overview

43 Bay manages multiple pools of capital that invest in single family rentals and multi-family rental properties. To manage a portfolio of rentals and support its activities, 43 Bay has a team focused on property acquisitions, repair, and management. We are based in College Park, MD.

If you are an institutional investor or owner of a portfolio of properties and working with professionals who want to create a long-term partnership, contact 43 Bay Capital today

Tax Lien & Auction Acquisitions

  • Designed for value investments to address the market demand for stable, low volatility income orientated returns.
  • Differentiated technology-led platform which includes market execution tools, proprietary underwriting system and real time portfolio management.

Primary Target Markets

  • Our U.S. Mid Atlantic equity strategy targets assets in markets with potential for strong cash flow and price appreciation. As of Q4 2017, our current target markets include:
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Prince George's County, Maryland
    • Anne Arundel County, Maryland
    • Baltimore County, Maryland
    • Baltimore City

Tax Liens

Why Tax Liens?

Purchasing a tax lien certificate gives the investor the rights to the tax related debt associated with the property, plus interest. The taxing authority assigns a fixed rate of interest to each certificate. The holder of the certificate collects interest on the tax debt until it is paid in full. In order to satisfy the tax debt, the taxpayer has to pay the outstanding debt plus interest, which allows the investor to realize significant returns.

Acquiring Property for Under Market Value

Another positive is that the taxing authority gives the taxpayer a certain amount of time to pay the tax lien certificate. If the debt is not satisfied, the investor receives the deed on the property - generally through a foreclosure process. As a result, the investor can become the owner of a property at a fraction of the market value.

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